Spring Special for Lake Havasu City’s Premier Business Directory

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Congratulations, you are looking in the right place! The Lake Havasu City Business Directory puts you in front of thousands of people looking for Lake Havasu City – online and in social media. We care about our businesses so we’re giving you a boost this spring. We have 5 more days in March – dedicated to driving more business to you.

Today, for only $299 for a whole year, you can be a member of the Lake Havasu City Business Directory. Here is what you get:

  • Full page on the Lake Havasu City Business Directory.
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  • Links to your Website and Facebook.
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I sold out everything – not even a crumb left the very next day after my page was launched!


Regularly $470 annually or $35 a month + $50 set up fee.


$299.00 today – the best exposure you can get, for less than $26 per month!!


How great is that! Right?!! Call us today: 888-448-2932