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The New Fitness bar that is changing everything!

This unique barbell is a safer alternative to traditional barbells because the grip promotes more of a natural motion. The innovative handle and slide mechanism allows for precise targeting of muscle groups for more demanding workouts. No longer do you need to change workout bars to allow for multiple routines. Due to its unique center of gravity design, the risk of hitting the back of your head is reduced. This ergonomic design will help by not compressing the vertebra in your back. The All American Fitness Bar is the new weight lifting bar that allows you to change your hand positions at the same time targeting different muscle groups.




• 1″ Stainless Steel Bar                                            • Full Range of Adjustability

• Innovative Slide Hand grips                                • Push Button Adjustment

• Positive Lever Locking                                          • Billet Aluminum Handles

• High Performance Plastic                                     • American Made Spring Clips

• Roller Disk


The All American Fitness Bar Can Be Used For Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

 If you are a veteran, attempting to recover from an injury that occurred during your time of deployment or training, then allow this product to assist you in your recovery. You have served the United States of America, so please let us serve you.  You deserve the best equipment available in the world and lucky for you we, who are also veterans, designed that exact product meant to rehabilitate a multitude of different injuries. There is no longer a need to purchase several different rehab exercise devices, when this single product integrates them all into one unit.


A Unique Experience with Weights 

Every component of this product is specifically designed to provide the user with a safe, reliable, and satisfying exercise tool. This barbell is able to be used for a variety of different exercises. This is not just a normal weight lifting bar. It is very unlikely that you will run into a product as versatile as this ever again. Most exercise bars are designated for specific workouts that target a small distinct muscle group, while this All American Fitness Bar offers the option of doing the lifting from different angles while targeting multiple muscles and muscle groups to push your body even harder. So we urge you to take the opportunity to try a fitness experience that you could not find anywhere else. If you are looking for a dynamic fitness bar to intensify your workout, then look no further because The All American Fitness Bar is the product for you.